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Pattern Carpet is the Total Package

black and gold paisley pattern carpet rug


At Carpet Specialists in Louisville, Kentucky, we have a wide selection of patterned carpets in our inventory that go well with both traditional and contemporary decor. Choose from more traditional panel and motif designs to more modern checkered and striped patterns. From chic pin dots and floral patterns to contemporary geometric herringbone, chevrons, and diamonds to whimsical star prints, our stylish collection of pattern carpets has something for everyone. Eye-catching patterns that are ideal for installation as wall-to-wall coverings or as stair runners. Whether you want to be subtle or bold, we’re in the business of finding your perfect fit.

A home that looks like it came out of a luxury magazine can be built on a cost-friendly budget. Due to its distinctive design and lasting durability, pattern carpet is preferred by both interior designers and regular homeowners. Carpet can have a design aspect added by the mix of low-cut fibers and tightly wound loops. As a general house design, pattern carpet is still popular, and even becoming a trend to start in 2023. Additionally, it is less likely to show footprints, easier to clean, and strong enough for high traffic areas.

The high/low cut and looped strands of pattern carpet, along with its rich texture, help to produce a chic, designer look. The distinctive style, one of the most popular carpet designs right now, delivers the visual intrigue of a patterned look while maintaining the subtlety of a solid hue. The most well-liked designs use lines, pindots, and geometric motifs.

Stop in our showroom today and decide for yourself which pattern carpet will fit your home. We have one of the best showrooms in Kentuckiana. We showcase over 50 flooring suppliers and display tens of thousands of samples to choose from. Hope to see you soon!

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