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Carpet Specialists Serves the Specific Needs of the Commercial Marketplace

When a designer selects flooring for a commercial space, a number of questions come up: 

  • Who will pass by and how much traffic will visit the area? 
  • What type of business is this? (ex: cubicles, chairs, showrooms)
  • What commitment to maintenance do you have?
  • What furnishings will it contain?
  • Is the area likely to accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, or will it stay rather tidy? Does it possess the toughness necessary to survive the amount of traffic it will encounter? 

At Carpet Specialists, we provide the best products that are made to meet the standards of nearly all commercial settings, including those in Louisville, Kentucky, and the surrounding Southern Indiana area, including retail spaces, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and many more. By assisting you and your team in choosing the proper flooring for your unique design or architectural requirement, our expert sales associates are great resources to help you get the job done right.

Resilient Flooring

When choosing the type of flooring for many industrial settings, resilient and resistant flooring is frequently the first option considered. It is sometimes described as a non-textile floor that is comfortable underfoot and has a distinctive ability to rebound from repeated traffic or compression. These include:

  • Linoleum and vinyl products, like LVT and sheet vinyl
  • As well as vinyl-composition products, like VCT
  • Rubber
  • Cork

Basically, resilient flooring is anything that is not carpet, hardwood or laminate, stone, ceramic or concrete.

Primarily resilient products are available in sheet, tile and plank.

Resilient Products Come In Multiple Forms

Primarily resilient products are available in sheet, tile and plank.


  • Very flexible products.
  • Typically packaged in rolls.
  • Can vary in both length and width, usually found with length exceeding the width. 

Tile and Plank:

  • Traditionally, tile and plank products are less flexible, not quite as plasticized as sheet products, so they cannot be rolled up.
  • Typically packed in cartons, often in flat pieces.
  • Tiles and planks include things like VCT, solid vinyl tile (SVT), LVT, MLF or multilayered flooring, and rubber tile.
  • These multi-layered floorings include things like WPC (wood polymer core), SPC (solid polymer core), “solid core” and “rigid core” tile and plank products, very new to the market.

When it comes time to choose a resilient flooring product, you can now know you’ve got the right product in the right application. We stand behind our products and our expert installation…that’s the Carpet Specialists’ commitment. Contact us today.

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