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Finding the Perfect Rug Size For Your Living Room 

A rug is supposed to tie a room together, not throw it off. That’s why the size of your rug is so important. Whether your rug is a custom rug or straight from our shelves, here’s everything you need to know about finding the perfect size for your living room.  

What sizes of rugs are there? 

The most popular sizes of rugs for living rooms are 5’x 8’, 8’x 10’, and 9’ x 12’. 

How do I pick the right one? 

The bigger the rug, the better, but there are ground rules for just how big you should go.  

You want the rug to be at least 6 inches wider than your sofa on both sides, although 8 inches is best.  

You should also try and leave yourself at least 18 inches between the rug and the rest of the room with a maximum of 36 inches of space. 

Measure the footprint of your potential rug with painter’s tape before you purchase it. That way, you can make sure it fits your space. 

Another tip is to have your rug reflect the shape of your space. If you have a long room, choose a long rug and orient it lengthwise.  

How should I position my furniture on the rug? 

There are a few different ways to position your furniture, all depending on the size of your space. 

The first is all furniture legs on the rug. This is best for you if your furniture is placed away from the wall and/or you want a defined seating area in an open concept space. 

For medium-sized spaces, try only front furniture legs on the rug. Best practice is to position one-third of your furniture over the rug.  

You can also choose to place the rug under your coffee table only. This is ideal for small spaces, although it also works if your rug is more of an amorphous shape, like a stylish cowhide rug.  

But what if I love a rug that’s “too small” for my space? 

No worries! You can still buy a small rug if your heart is set on it. Just layer it over a larger rug. For the larger rug, go with a natural fiber, such as a jute rug

Want a rug that fits your space no matter what? We sell custom rugs, and our salespeople will work with you to find the perfect rug size for your living room. Contact us today. 

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