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More Flooring Options

Even more from Carpet Specialists

Our work doesn’t stop with carpet, or vinyl, or hardwood. Here are the niche flooring options you’ve been looking for.

Stair Treads

 We offer stair tread designs of all kinds from modern to classic to exotic; but they’re always sturdy and are sure to be a work of art that serves a vital purpose in your home.

Benefits of Stair Treads

  • Offer protection on stairs
  • Are made from many different materials

Vinyl Composite Tile

Vinyl composite tile is the flooring of the people. You’ll find it in high-traffic venues such as schools, government buildings, offices, large retail and grocery stores, and restaurants. This is because it’s both durable and affordable — and it can be visually appealing, too.

Benefits of Vinyl Composite Tile

  • Hides scratches and cuffs that result from high traffic 
  • Is easy and flexible to install — can be installed virtually anywhere
  • Comes in lots of color and pattern options — we can create patterns using alternating styles of tile
  • Vinyl composite tile is made from various densely compacted materials, often vinyl and limestone.

Flash Coving

Flash coving is the process of extending flooring up the side of the wall. This is good for areas where floors require lots of cleaning, such as kitchens, labs, and classrooms. It allows for very easy cleaning and care.

Other Flooring Types

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Sand and Finish Hardwood Flooring

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Laminate Flooring

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