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Laminate Flooring

With laminate flooring, you can achieve the timeless look of hardwood, ceramic tile, natural stone and beyond, without paying the traditional prices associated with those materials. This makes it a highly versatile and affordable option for residential and commercial spaces — plus, it’s easy to install. 

 While laminate flooring may look like hardwood fresh from a forest, it’s actually a manufactured product. Today’s technology allows manufacturers to use laminate floors to create realistic visuals and textures for an upscale aesthetic.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring

  • Patterns mimic wood and natural stone
  • Fits many rooms, styles and themes
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Wide range of colors and styles, including modern, classic and exotic
  • Durable for active lifestyles
  • Stain resistant, no wax or varnish needed!
  • Scratch resistant — great for busy areas with kids and pets
  • Water resistant — great for kitchens
  • Overall great for kitchens, dining rooms, and high traffic areas, especially with children and pets


Laminate Flooring comes in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors including:

  • Planks
  • Tiles
  • Wood looks
  • Geometrics
  • Tile and stone looks
  • Grout option or no grout option

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