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Carpet Specialists is proud to offer these fine brands of area rugs. We’ve provided links to their websites so you can browse their complete product selection. Please visit our showroom to see our extensive in-stock selection of rugs, or we’ll work with you to order the perfect rug from one of our excellent suppliers. We can even create custom rugs (see sample here).


Area Rugs

Caring for Your Rug:

  • Rotate your rugs every few months to a year (depending on traffic) to equalize wear and the effects of exposure to sunlight.

  • Keeping your rug from exposure to direct sunlight will protect it from fading.

  • When using over hardwood floors, realize that your floor is naturally affected by exposure to ultraviolet light/sunlight. Moving rugs on a regular basis will help minimize discoloration under the rug (this is true with furniture, as well).

  • Be sure to vacuum your rug (using an appropriate vacuum cleaner, set on the correct height setting) on a regular basis as needed to remove soil and restore vibrance to your rug. DO NOT vacuum the fringe—doing so will cause damage over time (you can sweep the fringe with a broom). DO NOT vacuum against the nap of the rug as this will press soil into the rug.

  • Depending on what type of rug you have, you’ll want to have it professionally cleaned every two to five years, again depending on traffic. Carpet Specialists provides state-of-the-art cleaning services when that time comes.

How you deal with spills will be based on what type of rug you have.

Some general guidelines for spot-cleaning your rugs, as recommended by the World Floor Covering Association ( are as follows:

  • A water spill should be dried immediately with a hairdryer set on a warm temperature. Try to dry both sides of your rug if possible.

  • In case of a soft drink or alcohol spill, apply salt or baking soda to the spot for a few minutes to absorb the color of the drink, then vacuum off the salt or baking soda. After vacuuming, use a wet towel to gently wipe the stain in the direction of the nap (the direction the pile faces). You can wet the towel with regular or carbonated water. Be gentle; do not scrub your rug.

  • For old stains, take the rug to a professional handmade rug retailer. Do not try to clean old stains yourself.

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