Choose from these Brands

Carpet Specialists is proud to offer these fine brands of cork and bamboo flooring. We’ve provided links to their websites so you can browse their complete product selection. Please visit our showroom and we’ll happily assist you with your selection.


Cork and Bamboo

Buying Tips for Cork Flooring

When determining which cork products to consider, please be aware that there are several finishes available, including aluminum oxide, which helps reduce scuffing. The sizes and patterns to choose from enhance your decorating possibilities. There are many choices, making the assistance of an experienced sales associate invaluable.

Buying Tips for Bamboo Flooring

With bamboo, it is quite important to be assured that the product was harvested properly. Inferior flooring is made from bamboo that is cut too soon, not allowing the bamboo to become as hard as is necessary for flooring. As with cork, different finishes, sizes and a wide range of colors are available.

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